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Incense burner with melting perfumes in gift-box - Les Lumières du Temps


Reference Code: LDT001

4 different melting fragrances with an openwork ceramic fragrance burner. Your winter evenings will be warmed and scented at the same time. Christmas gift idea!

Perforated ceramic incense burner. Diameter 9 cm. Height 11 cm

4 boxes of melting perfumes 60 gr. : cashmere, lavender, green tea and bergamote.

Each box contains 10 pieces of melting sugars. Like a flower blooming in full sun, these melting nectars, composed of vegetable wax, exhale delicate scents in your interior. A simple and effective way to create an atmosphere according to your desires.

 Just place a sugar in the cup of the incense burner, it liquefies in the heat of the candle and releases its scent.


Heat a Carré Fondant in an incense burner for about 15 minutes and let it melt. The material becomes liquid and diffuses its fragrance. When the candle is extinguished the wax solidifies again for the next use.

Maximum broadcasting time: approx. 6 hours by Carré Fondant de Parfum. Beyond that, remove the remaining liquid with absorbent paper.

Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children.

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