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Home fragrance in gift box Savonnerie de Bormes / French Gift boxes home fragrance

Savonnerie de Bormes

Home fragrance in gift box Savonnerie de Bormes


Reference Code: SDB070

Two home perfumes in gift box. Rosewood and prickly pear fragrances by Savonnerie de Bormes. Frech home perfume.

Home fragrances with essential oils Rosewood and Prickly pear - Savonnerie de Bormes.


Bois de Rose, rosewood, a scent that is both floral while also being woody, with a hint of spices and turns out to be slightly peppery.

Prickly pear, a scent of green and fruity leaves which invites in a moment of relaxation and rest.


Spray one or more pressures, depending on the size of the room you are scenting, and the intensity of fragrance you want.

2 tinted glass bottles 100 ml

Gift box packaging.

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